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yeah i am a loser [04 Nov 2005|11:18am]
So i admit to the fact that i am a 12 year old girl for writing about this but i am okay with that, last night was the first episode of the oc in about a month because of baseball (who watches baseball anyways??)and i completely forgot. i am an idiot i missed the entire episode accept for the last 10 minutes! but damn the thing that i love the most is the fact that if you catch the last five minutes you can still understand the entire plot of the previous episode so all is well.

Charleston is begining to grow on me. I hated it here for the first two months but now that i have settled a little i am finding some people and things that i really like here. For example my sorority, Chi Omega, just participated in pep supper. It is the largest canned food drive in the South East and we also had to make banners and do a short skit/ dance for everyone at this wendsdays basketball game. It seems really lame, i know, but i had so much fun and i got to know everyone in my pledge class a lot better. I am also just hanging out a lot lately because i quit my job at banana republic. It was fun on hilton head but the one downtown was stressing me out so i am glad that it is over with.

In other news i really miss all of my peeps terribly. TEAR!! I was looking at some pictures on facebook and rememising in the library, ahhh GOOD TIMES. I think that my favorite is the one of me a katia, thelma and louise style at my house, classy! i love it so anyways i am being lame again so i'll comment later when i actually ahve something of interest to say. oh wait nevermind...

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so halloween is coming up... [22 Oct 2005|03:28pm]
[ mood | excited ]

As i recall the governor's school has a reputation of churning out some amazing ideas for halloween costumes. I was just wondering what everyone was doing this year. I know that i am a loser and i will probably be that 40 year old soccer mom following her 5 children in the mini van so they can cover more turff in a holloween themed sweater vest (ms. allen anyone) so please, induldge me with your undoubtedly brilliant costume choices.


if anyone was wondering i have decided that i had to have these adorable angel wings so i think that i am going in the route, possibly a pregnant angel, or graham and some friends might help me recreate an annunciation scene(for all of the cool kids who took art history)

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Fall fucking break [19 Oct 2005|02:31am]
[ mood | tired ]

Well i spent the duration of my fall break in Baltimore visiting jake and the rest of the govies that are attending MICA. I had one of the best times that i have had in a long time with them over the past four days. When i left i felt like i would have benifited from staying and this solidified the fact that i do not belong in charleston and i know it. Even though it is free and i have made so great friends i am not getting what i wanted to get out of college here. I miss the intense art classes and the nail biting critiques. I never thought that i would say this, the second half of my senior year was spent planing out a way to get out of the art environment and going to a large university. After that didn;t pan out charleston was my only option so i came here. The simple fact is they son;t have my major and the art program here isn;t what i need.

In other news i enjoyed talking to everyone while in b-more. you guys really helped me out, especially caleb (we should stay up all night more often). I know that i will visit again if that is okay and that you all should expect letters in the mail, and if you are lucky they might be sented. Love you guys peace

PS - In case you were wondering you should definately find out if your local gay club admits those under the age of 21 prior to getting sexy and walking an obsene distance.

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[21 Sep 2005|01:02am]
[ mood | high ]

So i thought that i would let everyone know that i have created an email account that i am going to cry about if it is empty tomorrow.


Just for everyone to know..yeah it's cause i have nothing better to do. this is what happens in the transition bettween governor's school and an in-state school for the mildly retarded.

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it's been awhile... [19 Sep 2005|12:46pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

So i think that it is about time to inform my adoring fans about what i have been up to lately in chucktown, well you know me, trouble as usual. Actually things have been good, i'm working at banana republicon king street, my classes are going relativly well, i am having fun at the house and i rushed so i am know a chi omega. I wasn;t sure about rushing but i am glad that i did because i got to meet a lot of people and my sisters are great. The mixers are pretty fun to and i can;t wait until formal. Our first was a my tie party where your big sister finds you a date and you wear their tie all night, by the time my date got there he was so drunk that i don't think that he would have been able to introduce himself so i kind ofavoided him.This thusday we are having a Panama city Beach themed party with the sigma chi fraternity which should be fun because i actually live above three sigma chi's so i'll know some people.

In other news i really miss everyone and i am going to have to make my rounds to visit. I am pretty sure that i am going to baltimore for fall break and i am going to london to visit morgan sometime second semester so i am excited. I am also interested in having a get together during winter break so when does everyone actually comehome?? let me know and i will try to make something happen, i like to plan things ahead of time if you haven;t noticed maybe there will be cute invitations... wow i have no life,but anyways let me know.

Much love

Ps. who thinks that this season of the oc is going to be fanfuckingtastic???? yeah thats what i thought

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I love the gays more than ever!! [14 Aug 2005|04:05pm]
[ mood | blah ]

So you would have thought that i would have already gotten my gay fix attending SCGSAH, but you would be wrong. Last night graham and i went to club pantheon, the foremost club for alternative lifestyles in charleston. I think that i knew that i loved the place when the second i walked around the bar graham informed me that the drag queen ryan, who we were introduced to laterin the evening by our new best friend ronnie laterin the evening, was checking me out. Loves it!!! The rest of the night was full of dancing, rubbing p againt some of the sexiest men that i have ever seen and being yelled at by ronnie who told me to fuck off becasue my chanel studs meant shit next to her black chanel classic shoulder bag.

In other news i have also come to think that the fraternatiy brothers underneath us probably think that i am running some sort of brothel. In that past week i think that atleast twenty different people have either partied and or spent the night in our place. While most company is quite plesant there were a few that out wore their welcome and itink that locking them out of the house might have given them a hint. I love you misvel even if you are a whore!!!

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wow i am the shit [31 Jul 2005|11:09pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Morgan and i are sittingin my new apartment right now and it is ficking awesome. I love being ableto be alone for once with out my parents and without ras breathing down my neck. It is a great feeling and i hope that graham and ryan love it as much as i already do.

Today i spent the entire day painting my room (pink) and my bathroom(wich is close to the shade of a tiffanys box) so i feel at home already. I think that once the boys movein it will be even better which makes me even more excited. Hopefully we will be able to work out a date for a houseworming party, i am thinking a 50's cocktail party or somehting like that so i will update later to give specifics. i think that morgan and i are going to go watch a movie or something so i will type later bitches.

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oh sweet jesus!!!! [18 Jul 2005|06:36pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Well tomorrow i am going to charleston scope out appartments, so if anyone has any way of contacting Ryan Collins tell him TO CALL ME IMMIDIATELY!!!!!!!! Hopefully this will all be over with soon and i can chill out for the rest of the summer as i should be doing.

Last nights party at Molly's was amazing! She is quite possibly the best hostess in the land proving all of her guests with both delicious food and period decor (i.e. the columns she made with her mom from carpet rolls and boxes from the liqour store). It was great seeing everyone and getting to drive over 80mph for an extended period of time while listening to "America" by my future husband, jon stewart, so i would stay awake. Hopefully i will have pictures of this event to post later because we all looking freakin hot...as usual.

Also if i leave you a message that i am going to be in town and want to simply visit you for a minute and you don;t call me back that makes you a jerk off

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I am really f-ing excited [03 Jul 2005|12:13am]
[ mood | awake ]

So graham and i have been talking about getting an apartment instead of trying to survive through another year in dorms for awhile, but the searching always turned out fruitless. Now we are going to look at a house soon that might be our place of residence next year. Ryan collins will also be thrown into this crazy mix, which no doubt will ensure us with the coolest freakin' house of all time. So when this all pans out we will have to invite everyone to an amazing house warming party. Peace out fools

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ahhh boredom... [25 Jun 2005|11:29pm]
[ mood | drained ]

So i have no one to hang out with at this point, i am spending all of the money that i am making this summer at bannana republic on clothes (but i get a freakin awesome discount so who could blame me?), and i have been put in a position of responsibility which is no fun. i have to watch my best friends dog and my aunts cat for the next week and i am really impatient, not to mention admittadly lazy so we'll see what happens. I wanted jake to come to b town to hang, but i have to work so much this coming week that it really wouldn;t have been worth it ...TEAR..

On a completely unrelated note, as many of you know my college plans were botched when a certain university couldn;t manage to pull its own head out of its ass so i was depressed there for awhile, but finally i have come to terms with the fact that i am going to c ofc and i should be fun. I also got a letter in the mail yesterday that said that i got $1,000 from the Hilton Head Island Council for the Arts for this scholarship i had done forever ago and assummed that i didn;t get because college can suck my balls. (just wondering.. can you tell that i am bitter??)

Wow i think that i have ADD and i know that half of you have stopped readin this entry by now (sarah robbins) but for those of you who are still with me i love you and apon my first million dollar deposit in the bank you will recieve a new car and i lap dance from yours truly. SO today i was driving home from the island and the road is on a marsh and the ocean, so i am driving and all of the sudden i look up just in time to see a seagull slam into the windsheild of my car. My brother couldn't contain his laugher and obviously thought that it was one of the funnier things that he had ever seen, me on the other hand i was scared shitless. Now i am uber sad because i killed that poor bird and now i will not be able to sleep...
Peace out an much love to everyone who finished this entry kudos to you

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wow this is it [21 May 2005|01:49am]
[ mood | awake ]

It hasn't even hit me yet that tomorrow, well i guess today, that i am going to be done with high school and gone from SCGSAH. Even though i have hated this place for the majority of the time, i also have realized that you never can fully appriciate your friends until they are being taken away from you. THe transition would be much easier if we lived closer to one another and i want everyone to come and visit me!! I have cried once today and i have a feeling that it is going to happen about ten times tomorrow so everyone should be prepared for it.

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graduation is supposed to be something to look forward to right? [08 May 2005|11:22pm]
[ mood | stressed the fuck out ]

Instead i am spending my last two weeks here at SCGSAH in full panic, stress, and over sensitive mode. I don;t think that i have cried this much in one day in my entire life. For all of those who i may have frighted by my sudden surge in emotions i apologize and i just think that today was the breaking point. The va's just have far to much work at the end of the semester and this is really not planned well in consideration of all of the ap exams, finals, and projects that are due for both art and academic classes. I thought that the last few days here would allow me to just hang out and reminisce about the good times, but instead i am painfully awaiting juries and graduation. Hopefully this will subside and i will be able to enjoy some time here before it is all over.

On a lighter note, i got a job at banana republic for the summer and my parents got me a car so i will be an independent woman. i will probably also end up planning numerous visits to pick up and hang out with jake who needs to learn to drive!! PEACE OUT

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i am so excited!!! [05 May 2005|12:43am]
[ mood | awake ]

It is jake's birthday and i am almost positive that i am more excited than when it was my 18th birthday. Well anywho, i am trying to go to sleep so i don't have to think about sitting in a chair tomorrow for a few hours taking the AP Literature exam, but as you can tell my computer just proves to tempting. Art history's exam should be interesting next week seeing as i felt so stupid and uninformed after today's review, but it think that it helped a lot. This brings me to my next point, i love momma howard. What other teacherowuld pass around a piece of paper a nd ask 50 growing teenagers to write down every snack they wanted and bring it all to our review? Maybe i will pop in Drop Dead GOrgeous and attempt to sleep, oh or else i will just sit and think about how excited i am about the two hour oc episode that comes on tomorrow night. i know i am a loser don't hate. PEACE!!

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Senioritis is a BITCH [26 Apr 2005|11:49pm]
So this entry is a direct result of me putting off my summation paper for my concentration. The fact that graduation is so close in the future my desire to do anything really has completely stopped. I would just not go to school if i were at home but alas nirse gail hates me and didn;t even let me miss class when i had strep throat. I have never missed a class here that wasn;t excused and it is so tempting to just not go and to get unexcused absenses, what do i care? I am going to home this weekend and it is going to to be freakin' great because i get to drive, hang out with all of my friends at home, and sleep in my big bed. Over the weekend i am going to have to do two interviews thoug, one is for an art scholarship and the other is for banana republic. Hopefully this or one of the resturants i applied to works out so i can have some money for the summer and for school next year (no matter where the f i end up)

on a completely different subject, BJU was so much fun today. I think that the tradition of never have i ever should be something that we pass down to uur children so the tradition doesn;t get lost. It really gives you insight into people and i always win (or lose depending on wither you are katia or not) It was one of the strangest experiences i have ever had. It was like we were on another planet or something. There was no color anywhere and we looked like a gay pride parade running through the middle of it in our yellow shool bus, and the majority of us clad in pink. I also had some "fun" in the back of the bus and i was embarassed by the senior visual art class (thanks you guys), but i still had a great time.
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yeah so you caught me!! [22 Apr 2005|02:42pm]

So i stole an image, kill me why don't you.??!!

this is for katie enjoy beotch


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i know, i know but don't judge me!!! [21 Apr 2005|12:55pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

here are the pics that didn't work yesterday. I know that no one really cares, but these are mostly for me and my woman beotches!!!!


oh how the times have changed, and the sexiness has remained!!!muhahahaha!!


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holla to the chosen people!!!!! [21 Apr 2005|12:19am]
[ mood | awake ]

Well i just thought that since i have not made a post in awhile that it was time and what a better thing to do than a hot guy of the day?!! well in this case hot guys. katia and i have decided that the hottest men on earth are jewish. We love them, so ladies step off. i just thought that you might be interested to see who we think are probably the two sexiest men on earth and they are... ADAM BRODY and JON STEWART (adrian brody is a runner up, but is in no way nearly as sexy as these two) (i couldn't get freakin pictures to work damn it!!!! they are so sexy i tell you!! ahhhhhh (SWOOOOONING)

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I think that this is the most lazy i have been in a long time [01 Apr 2005|05:04am]
[ mood | tired ]

So aside from the fact that this week started out really well, went to shit and the got okay again i really have no feelings anymore. I am ready to be done with school and i am ready to leave. My college plans bit me in the ass on wendsday and i have been in a rut ever since. You know that feeling you have when you know that you have a lot of work to get done, but you just don;t care or feel like doing it? That is how i have been every since i got my letter. I wish that i could be really excited about all of the amzing schools that everyone is going to, but i can;t really be fully happy for anyone and i feel guilty but i can't really help it. Hopefully i will come to terms with my plans for this fall and start to get happy again. The one thing that i am really looking forward to is prom. I can;t believ that it is in a week CRAZY!! i wish that i could get crunk!! HOLLA and now i have to go and work on my drawing project that is due on monday that i haven;t started on in morgans room GOOD TIMES

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A surprisingly plesant day [24 Mar 2005|10:59pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Today started off really well when my ceramics class went to postcards from paris to discuss all of our papers that we wrote over coffee. When we were coming back from campus i found out that i am the most likely to be in a teen movie which is really fun. As pathetic as it is i was actually really excited about it. Afterwards i threw and i actually got a few good forms out and i really love the action of throwing, very calming. Hopefull in the next week or so i will have my own mugs out and about on campus. Then tonight i went out with my film studies class and we all watched "A Very Long Engagement". It was one of the best, if not the best movie i have seen in a long time. It was so beautiful, and if you have a chance you should check it out. Crying is something that i almost never do (you can ask anyone) and i cried three times during the film. Along with the movie i also enjoyed my POPCORNACOPIA which i shared with Katlin, Laura Paige and Roxanne. 170 ounces of buttery goodness and as the sign promised, it was indeed the "SUV of the snack bar". Between the four of us we finish about 2/3. Yeah it was f-ing huge but worth it. The dancing and singing on the bus was also very amusing. Much love and peace out thugs.

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My oh so eventfull Spring Break [16 Mar 2005|05:59pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

So far all I have done durring my break are some college schoarships and FAFSA, caught up on all of the sleep that i have missed out on during the semester and more, and my favorite was finding my graduation and prom dresses. My mom and i went on a little trip to charleston and we walked around all day trying to find stuff, we had a lot of fun toget her and i realized that i really missed being around her and my family. I can not wait until the summer when i can relax, even though i really need to find a job so i can make some money and i think that having a job would force me to get out of bed before 1 like i did today.

For all of those interested this is what my dress for prom looks like. I found it in this store berlins in downtown charleston. It is adorable and i comes complete with the pockets in the skirt. It is a copy of the oscar de la renta design and mine is in an adorable pattern i am so excited to finnaly display "what my mom gave me" i know that you are all excited. Well have a great break and i will see everyone soon. 

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